The Attention Paid to Indigenous Issues on Twitter by Candidates in Federal Elections

Funded by the Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge, this project aims at understanding the determinants of Indigenous issues attention by election candidates on Twitter, with partisan affiliation and characteristics of local ridings being the most salient hypotheses. As well, we will investigate if national advocacy groups representing Indigenous people and issues are able to set the agenda and compel political parties to position themselves on Indigenous issues, and if the overall priorities of Canadians are matching with the messages posted by candidates of the main political parties.

This web site offers prelimary results on what is tweeted by this election's candidates on Indigenous matters. We encourage you to explore the differents analyses we offer, by clicking on the different categories appareaing on the side bar.

For more information, contact:

Jean-Francois Savard or Mathieu Landriault

Team Members

Jean-Francois Savard ENAP
Mathieu Landriault Université St-Paul
Christian Rock Member of the Innu Nation
Isabelle Caron Dalhousie Univeristy

Funded by the Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge

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