The Weekly
Election 2019 - A Twitter Analysis on Indigenous Matters
[Sept. Oct. 4th - Oct. 11th]

By: Jean-François Savard, Mathieu Landriault et Emmanuel Saël

Supported by the Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge

At glance

In our weekly series on the 2019 federal election, we present this fourth Weekly, which deepens the analysis of Idnigenous issues based on tweets published by candidates of the various political parties competing. Compared to the third week, we find no change in the most popular words and most popular hashtags in French and English. Indeed, the word enfants in French and communities in English continue to be the most popular. As for the most popular hashtags, as has been the case since the beginning of the campaign, polcan and elxn43 in French and English respectively remain popular.

Most popular words:


Most popular hashtags:

Number of Tweets

The New Democratic Party (NDP) maintains leadership in terms of the number of tweets published by its candidates on Indigenous issues and in a significant way compared to other parties. The graphic below shows that the NDP alone has published more tweets than all the other parties combined. The Green Party is dislodging the Liberal Party that finished second last week in the number of tweets. As for the Conservative Party and the Bloc Québécois, the trend continues. Despite the fact that the Conservatives have the largest number of candidates registered and who has a Twitter account, paradoxically they pay little attention to Indigenous issues.