The Weekly
Election 2019 - A Twitter Analysis on Indigenous Matters
[Sept. 11th - Sept. 20th]

By: Jean-François Savard, Mathieu Landriault et Emmanuel Saël

Supported by the Digital Ecosystem Research Challenge

At glance

In this weekly report from September 21 to 27, 2019, we continue to analyze the place of indigenous issues in the debates conducted by candidates of the different political parties through Twitter. This report, which is part of an ongoing analysis process related to the election campaign, will lead us to make comparisons with last week’s report. Indeed, if for the week of September 11 to 20 the most popular words were santé in French and rights in English, this week the most popular words are communities in English and crise in French.

Mots les plus populaires:


Mots-clics les plus populaires:


Number of Tweets

In the number of tweets published this week by candidates from the different parties, we can see a simlar trend in comparison with last week. Indeed, the New Democratic Party (NDP) remains in first place with a significant gap with other parties. Nevertheless, there is a decrease of about 10% in the number of NDP tweets compared to the previous week. This decrease should also be highlighted in the case of the Green Party, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. So, overall, the number of tweets related to Indigenous issues has decreased compared to the previous week. However, it should be noted that we covered a longer period in our first report (September 11 to 20) compared to this one (September 21 to 27). We also note that this week the Green Party published slightly more tweets than the Liberal Party, whereas they were almost equal in the first week. Indigenous issues are still not really taken into consideration by the Conservative Party, although it has the largest number of candidates with Twitter accounts. For the Bloc Québécois, it is clear that the trend is continuing with little involvement of its candidates on these issues.